2017 Presentations

Innovation - Energy in Nunavut

Nunavut’s unique geography presents many challenges when looking at ways to satisfy its energy needs. Panelists will focus on various projects that could help Nunavut achieve its goal to reduce its carbon footprint by offering better solutions for its energy needs.


Best Practices in Employment Readiness 

Nunavut is rich in Human resources and many companies have created unique Inuit employment programs. This panel will focus on programs that are in place that have worked for their companies as well as, discuss the best practices with the hope the audience can bring something home from the lessons learned.


The Social & Economic Value of Art in Nunavut

Art is measured as a major contributor to Nunavut’s economy. However, many artists live below the poverty line and struggle to support their families with the income from their work. The panel will discuss ideas to improve the quality of life for artists and the impact of the sector on the Territory. 


Our Climate

Society is becoming increasingly aware of changes in our global climate system.  The Arctic has, and continues to be, at the forefront of this change over the past several decades.  Unprecedented rates of change have recently occurred in the Arctic atmosphere, land, ocean, ice, and ecosystems.  Dr. David Barber will provide a summary of the connection between global climate change and the changes currently unfolding in the Arctic; a review of how these changes occur both in space and time; and projections for near future change.  He will conclude by summarizing the consequences of these changes in terms of vulnerabilities and opportunities for industrial development and indigenous use of the Arctic.

  • Dr. David Barber - Professor University of Manitoba, Canada Research Chair [Part 1] [Part 2]


Transportation in the North

Nunavut’s dependency for resupply from Southern locations continues to be a challenge and an opportunity for the Qikiqtaaluk and Kivalliq Regions. Economic changes in the south can impact our resupply options as well as present opportunities for the north to leverage support for major projects.


Working Together - Business Opportunities and the Future 

Examine areas where the regions can work together to help support each other while creating a stronger territory. Panel will talk about the opportunities in each region.